Avoid this common abs mistake and uncover the six pack underneath your belly fat.

After 18 years in the fitness business, “How do I get great abs” is still BY FAR the most frequently asked question. No doubt it’s because abs are the one body part that most people are the most frustrated with.

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Abdominal Training

One of the most favorite hobby nowadays is to look thinner and make that sexy six pack abs by doing various abdominal trainings and special cardios. There are many myths on abdominal training that you need to know even before trying it. The main misconception is that if you do many abdominal exercise, you will lose additional body fat in the abdominal region which is not true.

In a landmark study by researchers at the University of Massachusetts, it was conclusively shown that sit-up exercise training does not decrease the diameter of abdominal adipose cells, abdominal subcutaneous fat (skinfold thickness) or abdominal circumference (Katch et al., 1984). Therefore, you cannot use ab exercises to selectively lose abdominal fat. Instead, to reduce fat content at a given body site, your total body fat will have to be altered.

Cardio is the best option to loose that fat in the abdominal exercise but not just the regular cardio but the variable cardio as described in this post, Proper Cardio for Weight Loss. It talks about cycle training, sprint and sports workout can be a good cardio.

And one more thing, watching Tv and doing cardio at the same time is not effective at all. Learn more about proper cardio in this article, Cardio Workout for Fat Loss.

Now that you are all aware of the cardio workouts and when you loose that extra fat from you abdominals, you are ready to go with the regular abs exercises.
Here are a list of them for you to try out.

  1. The Next Level of Core Training - Dynamic Planks
  2. Great abs workout to do at home without any equipments
  3. Power Wheel Pike
  4. Reverse Crunch, Plank, Russian Twist
Happy Abs